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Cabinets, Countertops & Kitchen


Here are some quick tips for buying cabinets:

  1. Determine your budget.
  2. Measure your space.
  3. Choose your style and materials.
  4. Consider storage options and quality construction.
  5. Choose your finish.
  6. Compare prices.
  7. Call Roby's Furniture & Appliance to help you make these decisions!
  8. Make your purchase.
Call Tim, in Tillamook 503‑842‑7111 Call Beth, in Astoria 503‑325‑1535 Call Hillary, in Newport 541‑265‑9520

Are you near but not in one of these locations? No problem! Give our Tillamook store a call and Tim can assist you in getting the right person to help you with your project!

Cabinets Brands

  • Dewils
  • Medallion
  • Bellmont

Cabinet Gallery


When buying countertops, you need to consider the material, cost, maintenance, style, installation, and warranty. Choose a material that suits your needs and style, get multiple quotes, hire a reputable installer, and read the warranty carefully. Here at Roby's Furniture & Appliance we can assist you in choosing the best materials for you and your home. Give us a call for more information at 503‑842‑7111 and ask for Tim!

Countertops Brands

  • Sensa
  • Silestone
  • Dekton


When buying a sink, consider size, style, material, configuration, accessories, and price. Research different options before making a decision that fits your needs, style, and budget. Need help? Call us today at 503‑842‑7111 and ask for Tim!

Sinks Brands

  • Nantucket

Knobs & Pulls

When buying knobs for cabinets, consider the size, style, material, finish, comfort, and price. Choose knobs that match your decor, are easy to grip, and fit within your budget. Stop in to Roby's Furniture & Appliance to see a selection of knob and pull choices and ask for Tim!

Knobs & Pulls Brands

  • Top Knobs
  • Atlas