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Why I love working at Roby’s Furniture & Appliance

  • Lorna Anderson Lorna Anderson

    Began working here in 1998

    I have worked at Roby's for over 20 years. One thing I love most about working here is the family atmosphere and the flexibility to meet my family's needs. This atmosphere was there at the beginning and continues to this day.

  • Haley Emerson Haley Emerson

    Began working here in 2020

    When I went off to college to get my degree in Human Services, I wanted to help people. I never thought I would end up working at Roby’s helping people in the most unexpected ways. When people call or come in, we truly go the extra mile to get the job done in the most efficient way possible, whether that be delivering a fridge that is quickly melting or getting someone a lift chair to make life just a little easier. We really work together as a family and I love coming to work each and every day! Come Join the Roby's Family!

  • Tim Fletcher Tim Fletcher

    Began working here in 2000

    I love working at Roby's because it's a friendly environment, family first values, flexible schedule, and hidden perks around every corner. We work hard, have fun, and do fun events with food.

  • Trevor Jones Trevor Jones

    Began working here in 2016

    I have worked at Roby's for over 5 years as an appliance installer. Overall, it's been a great experience. The work environment is fairly relaxed and friendly. The staff are helpful and supportive and that environment is reinforced by the ownership team. Ownership and management promote a good level of independence and individuality while also, are always ready to provide support and assistance when needed. They are also really good at recognizing their employees’ strengths and accomplishments. This has been the best, friendliest, and most comfortable company I have ever worked for.

  • Hillary Myers Hillary Myers

    Began working here in 2019

    In December of 2020 my sixteen-year-old daughter needed to have a difficult surgery that required me to be at her bedside for three weeks. I was worried about missing work and being able to support my child at the same time. My coworkers rallied behind me, donated their vacation days so I could take the time off and not worry. I am so thankful to be working for a company that puts family first. I love Roby's.

  • Christina Tucker Christina Tucker

    Began working here in 2016

    My name is Christina Tucker and I have been with Roby’s Furniture and Appliance store for almost 5 years. Since Roby’s is a family run business one of my favorite things about working here is that we are not just coworkers in individual stores, we are all a team who support each other and the communities around us.

  • Storm Wedel Storm Wedel

    Began working here in 2015

    I began working at Roby’s in 2015. I love this company and everything that it stands for. It’s not just about furniture and appliances. We’re trained to go “above and beyond” and that stems from our ownership team. They go above and beyond for not only us as employees, but most importantly, for our customers. Their honest integrity, values and care for people and the community is something that I think sets Roby’s apart. I’m grateful to work here!