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When it comes time to do laundry, there are a few different appliances you can use. From washers and dryers to drying cabinets and stacked laundry, Roby's Furniture & Appliance has everything you're looking for!

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Roby's Furniture & Appliance carries a wide variety of laundry appliances. Check out the available options below.

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Washers are one of the most common and essential laundry appliances, which can be used for a variety of tasks. Washers use water and detergent to clean clothes through agitation and spinning. They come in a variety of sizes, from portable models to full-size models that can accommodate larger loads, as well as high-efficiency models that use less energy and water. Washers usually have multiple settings and cycles such as hot water wash, cold water wash, delicate cycle, sanitize cycle, and spin and rinse cycles.

Dryers are another important laundry appliance used to dry clothes after they are washed in the washer. Dryers typically use heated air circulated by a fan to evaporate the moisture from wet clothes, although some also incorporate sensors that detect when the laundry is dry so they can turn off automatically. Most modern dryers also offer special features like steam refresh or sanitize cycles

Stacked laundry units provide another space-saving solution for those with limited laundry room space or who simply want an all-in-one unit. This type of appliance combines both a washer and dryer into one unit that is stacked vertically but functions similarly to separate machines. Many stacked laundry units are front-loading machines for improved energy efficiency.

For those who want a truly all-in-one solution, a washer/dryer combo is perfect for more compact spaces where only one machine will fit. These appliances have both washing and drying capabilities combined into one unit that can handle smaller loads at once than separate machines. They often feature multiple settings for different types of fabrics as well as multiple drying cycles like cool tumble drying or warm air drying options.

Drying cabinets are a specialized kind of dryer that use heated air circulated by fans within insulated walls to gently dry garments without causing damage to fabrics due to over-drying or heat exposure. These cabinets are often used in commercial applications such as laundromats or industrial clothing factories but are increasingly popular among residential consumers looking for faster drying times with less wear on fabric fibers due to overheat exposure from traditional tumble dryers.

Commercial laundry is an industry dedicated to providing large scale industrial grade laundry services such as cleaning uniforms for businesses or hospital linens for healthcare facilities. Commercial laundries often employ specialized equipment like large capacity washing machines or automated folding systems designed to handle large quantities of textiles quickly while still offering superior cleaning quality without damaging fabrics due to overheat exposure from traditional tumble dryers or heavy bleaching agents used in some home laundering methods.

Along with washers, dryers, stacked laundry units, washer/dryer combos, drying cabinets and commercial laundry solutions there are numerous other accessories available on the market today designed specifically to optimize your laundering experience no matter what type of setup you prefer; whether it’s a stackable washer/dryer combo tucked away in kitchen corner or massive commercial grade equipment handling thousands of pounds of linens per hour – there’s something out there for every need! Accessories range from shelving units designed specifically for storing detergents and fabric softeners near your laundry equipment ,to custom made hampers designed specifically for sorting out folded items from your freshly washed piles; no matter what you’re looking for you’ll be sure find it among the vast selection of innovative products available today!

Where to Buy the Best Laundry Appliances

Roby's Furniture & Appliance is an excellent choice for anyone looking to purchase top quality laundry appliances. With a wide selection of both front-loading and top-loading washers and dryers, Roby's provides customers with some of the best laundry machines on the market. Plus, the knowledgeable staff at Roby's can help customers find the perfect appliance to fit their laundry needs.

You can find us in the Astoria, Tillamook, Lincoln City, Newport, Florence, and McMinnville, OR areas. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or stop by!